Blogging is what am talking about, what in the world is blogging? Good question, since I was taught that the unlearn man has a good smart friend called  encyclopedia, here online it is called  wikipedia, so here is the meaning to the word Blog in my own words so you can know what it means before you get into it.

Blog is kind of like a website that is normally maintained by an individual like you with regular entries of commentaries, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or videos. Many blogs provide commentaries, news, updates on a particular subject. Others function as more personal online diaries or journals. Some have experiences on what they have done, lived or worked and can give good advise on what you know. It also has the ability for the readers to leave comments about whatever they read.

Now that you know what a Blog is, let me help you by showing you what  a blog does and how "you" can have one going before you can finish your first cup of coffee and be able to earn money  to pay for it. Before I start on this short journey to the blog world, I want to clear up something that you have probably been lied to or sucker into by many online "gurus" and have told you how to make a million dollars by next week, that is called in our online vocabulary "get rich quick scams" and scams they are, there is a saying by the old timers that said, if anything is to good to be true, it probably is. That means that there is something that must be done to be able to get the wheels turning, it is called (online and offline) "WORK", you must be able to put forth(at least)an effort to be able to make a good decent living online.     So,with that said lets go to the blogging world and learn how to make money with a blog that you can developed TODAY. Cick here